About Slab Happy Hardwood Furniture

Bob Neil, owner of Slab Happy, has spent most of his life working with Australian Hardwood. Some would call it a passion (while others refer to it as an obsession).

Photos simply do not do justice to the magnificent pieces of hand crafted furniture that leave Bobs workshop, each item bears the hallmarks of his talent, workmanship and also his sense of humor. With his giant Lucas Mill, Bob produces huge timber slabs, some over 11 meters long, from the ancient blue gum logs left to waste and eventually rot in the region’s bush land. Recovering these old giants is no easy task - large cranes and trucks are required to get the timber back to the workshop.

Visitors are welcome at the workshop (please telephone first) You are invited to come and not only see the craftsmanship, but also feel the unique texture of rescued ancient Australian hardwood.

Bob and a slab of blue gum

We produce unique hardwood furniture for homes, decks, hotels, bars,
motels, resorts, boardrooms and almost anywhere that natural beauty and durability is appreciated.

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Slab Happy are proud to produce hardwood furniture for homes, schools and business. We deliver locally and can arrange delivery to any address Australia wide.